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Live worship of God Vs indirect worship


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Live worship of God Vs indirect worship


There are two types of worship to God. In the first type, an object is selected to stand as a representative of God (Pratika Upasanam). In the second type, an object pervaded by God like electric wire is worshipped (Saakshat Upasanam). In both types of worship, you must treat the object as God and this is Advaita meant for devotees. In the first type of worship both living and inert objects can stand as representatives. A statue or a devotee can be worshipped. The extent of worship is limited in the case of the statue and is unlimited in the case of a devotee. You can give food, clothes, money, etc., to the devotee and these are not necessary for the statue. Only cleaning and decoration are required for the statue. God will never enter the inert objects (Natasya Pratima). He enters only the human being (Maanusheem tanumaasritam).


Therefore, the extent of worship is unlimited in the case of a devotee or human incarnation. Hence, while worshipping you need not worry that whether he is a devotee or a human incarnation. Whether he is a devotee or a human incarnation, you should have full faith that he is God and the worship should be complete in all aspects. You need not do the complete worship for a statue. If you do so for a statue, the priest behind the statue will snatch away the fruits of your worship. If the priest is a real devotee, it is well and good since it becomes the first type of worship.

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