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God enters the creation in the form of a human being


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God enters the creation in the form of a human being


Brahma means anything, which is greatest among the items of a category. Veda is said to be Brahma by Gita (Brahmaakshara Samudbhavam…). Similarly, food is Brahma, respiration is Brahma, mind is Brahma, intelligence is Brahma etc., are the statements of Veda. This Knowledge is supported by the above concept also, because the imaginable creation cannot be the unimaginable God. God enters the creation in the form of a human being. In that human being God exists. The support enters into a supported item. You need not think that the other items of the creation have lost the support because the support entered into one item only. This problem comes only when the support is having spatial dimensions. Since God is beyond spatial dimensions, this problem does not arise.


Without understanding this concept, some people feel that a part of the support only entered the particular item. The concept of ‘whole’ and ‘part’ again requires spatial dimensions. Therefore, God being the support of the entire creation can also exist in a particular petty item simultaneously. Now the particular item into which God entered is identified as God similar to an electric wire identified as electricity. Identification includes both monism (Advaita) and dualism (Dvaita). The electric wire is current because you are experiencing current by touching the wire anywhere and therefore, monism is true. Even then, wire is wire and current is current and therefore, dualism is also true. Therefore, both Sankara and Ramanuja are correct, because the same truth is viewed in different angles. These angles exist only in an electric wire and not in a wire where there is no electricity. Therefore, it is meaningless to discuss about Advaita and Dvaita in the case of an ordinary soul, which is always separate without God like a wire without electricity. The Advaita philosophers should understand that the discussion about Advaita and Dvaita is confined to human incarnation only.


At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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