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Recognizing the Human Incarnation


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Recognizing the Human Incarnation



When the Lord comes in human form, you have to recognize Him and serve Him. Even if you do not serve Him, atleast do not insult Him. Generally people insult the Lord in human form because of jealousy and egoism. To avoid this, try to love all your fellow human beings. This is called ‘Pravritti’ (righteous worldly living). By this, you will atleast not insult the Lord in human form. Rama preached Pravritti. Serving the Lord in human form is called Nivritti. Krishna preached Nivritti. The aim of Pravritti is only for reaching Nivritti eventually.


Without this purpose, simply following Pravritti, which is social service without God, is a waste. You are accepting the statue prepared by a human being, but you hate the human being indicated by the statue. The human being is only a statue prepared by the Lord. The identity signs to recognize the human incarnation are knowledge (Jnana), love (Rasa) and bliss (Ananda). These three are the characteristic marks (qualities) of the Lord like the heat of fire. The Veda says the same (Satyam-Jnanam, Raso vai saha, Anando Brahma). These three signs are associated with sacrifice (Datta) because Datta means donation or sacrifice.


Therefore knowledge means that He preaches the knowledge. Love means that He generates love in your hearts. Bliss means that He generates bliss in your hearts. If you go near the fire, you will experience heat. Similarly you must experience the knowledge, love and bliss from the human incarnation.


If you do not experience, He does not possess these three characteristic signs and therefore He is a false incarnation. The Veda says that He possesses special knowledge, which is impossible for any other human being (Prajnanam Brahma). Such a special knowledge generates love for Him in our hearts and we are filled with bliss.

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