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Removing Repulsion of Common Medium


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Removing Repulsion of Common Medium



God exists in the same medium as that of the soul for the sake of the soul so that He can preach to the soul and the soul can fully experience and fully serve God with full satisfaction. The soul is present in the human body on this earth and is present in an energetic body in the upper world.


Therefore, God exists only in these two media. One is the human form on this earth and the other is the energetic form in the upper world. The soul also enters the births of plants and stones (Sthavara), but there is no need for God to enter such inert media because neither knowledge nor service with satisfaction is possible in such media of plants and stones.


Therefore, God does not enter the common medium for the sake of plants and stones. For the same reason God does not enter the bodies of animals and birds also, since knowledge is not possible for them. God may enter the body of an animal like a fish, tortoise etc., just for a very short time to kill some demons or to do some work that is suitable only to such a body.


Such forms are not for giving knowledge and receiving the service of the soul. The soul should accept God in the common medium and get guidance and further get the satisfaction of serving God, whether the soul is on earth or in the upper world. For this, the soul should first conquer its ego and jealousy towards the common medium. If the soul misses God in the common medium in this earth, it will also miss God in the common medium in the upper world (Ihachet Avedit…Veda).

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