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Vision from God in human form?


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Vision from God in human form?


People want visions from the human incarnation as a proof of its divinity. They think that giving vision is just like switching on the T.V [Television].


The vision is given on the decision of God. If you are really a ripened soul in all the angles and if the vision is only the deficiency, certainly the vision is given by God in a spontaneous way. The estimation of the ripened state is done by God and not by yourself.


There is no use of giving vision to unripe souls. If it is given they will treat it as illusion and neglect. When Lord gave the vision of Vishwaroopam, Kauravas neglected it as illusion. Dhrutarashtra was also blessed with vision that has very much excited him during the vision and he praised the Lord. But after the vision, he gained his original nature and became curved like a dog tail.

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