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Communication = Cooperation

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Congresswoman Norton,



Copy of my address to President Obama's campaign office in respect to affording Home Rule in DC is attached.Your recent efforts failed to allow Utah to gain a Republican seat in hopes that DC would in turn gain a more responsible seat in only the House of Representatives.

I fear adding up the salaries of you and all of the members of your office and see exactly how much has been totally wasted during the many years of DC "delegates" effort to "represent" us.


The theme of my brief testimony to DC Council Chair Gray at his hearing on "special education" on 12/12/08 was to motivate the DC Council to better provide tutorial workshops for DC parents and students and thus measurably expand the learning experience for DC youth beyond merely the school day. I will be forwarding copy of that testimony to your office.

Please inform me on any effort that you have expressed on the national[ issue of improving the quality of education for American youth. I pray you will soon begin to help the majority of American and not just DC youth being given the same quality of education that President Obama's children will be receiving at the Sidwell Friends School.


"I know you may have read what I wrote, however, what I doubt is whether you understood what I meant."






David Plouffe

Campaign Manager

Obama for America



Thank you for the email that provides several new resources for me to use in my support for the direction of change of the Obama/Biden administration.


I am sure that you are aware that the residents of this nation's capital city have yet , just like all other American residents, to have an active representation in the House and the Senate nor do we have control of our own tax revenue. I have faith that President Obama will finally motivate Congress and the national news media to begin to address the national and not just local importance to the social, economic and political oppression of the residents of this nation's capital city.

Please refer me to any staff of President Obama or Vice President Biden that will help the Obama/Biden administration to try and submit an amendment to the United States Constitution that will finally eliminate the need for the very expensive and insulting duties of the Senate and House DC Appropriations Committees.





Karl Rudder

1309 Adams St. NE #4

Washington DC 20018



P. S. - The private email service to Delegate Norton's office disallows me to submit copy of this address to her along with my being able to submit copy to Mayor Fenty and just a portion of the members of the DC City Council.

Communication = Cooperation

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