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Hyperion Power Module (HPM) to Power Communities

Guest Nicco

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Known as the Hyperion Power Module (HPM), the reactor is self-regulating, permanently sealed and features no moving parts in its core to malfunction. Transportable by ship, rail or truck, each HPM offers 70 MW thermal energy or 27 MW of electricity when combined with a steam turbine and can be ganged for greater output. Early applications for the HPM in the U.S. and abroad include mining and industrial, and military installations. In addition, an important application abroad is for infrastructure in remote communities in developing nations where one HPM can provide enough power for 60,000 homes.


Proliferation-resistant, the HPM meets all of the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership's (GNEP) stringent criteria for the safe and secure deployment of small "grid-appropriate" nuclear reactors for distributed power.


Hyperion Fast Facts


Small -1.5 meters across, approx size of a residential “hot tub”


Produces 70 MWt or 25 MWe, enough to power 20,000 average American homes or the equivalent


Buried underground out of sight and harm’s way


Transportable by train, ship, truck


Sealed module, never opened on site




Enough power for 5+ years


After 5 years, removed & refueled at original factory


Uniquely safe, self-moderating using a natural chemical reaction discovered 50 years ago


No mechanical parts in the core to malfunction


Water not used as coolant; cannot go “supercritical” or get too hot


No greenhouse gases or global warming emissions


Think: Large Battery!

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