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If Obama wins, one thing is certain -- for your investments

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If Barack Obama wins this election, one thing is certain... he will preside over the largest expansion of the government's role in the economy since the 1930s.


This "New New Deal," as some Democrats are already calling it, may well have the same result as the original one: to turn a sharp, painful recession into a long Depression.


Will that set the stage for a GOP president in 2012 -- the way '70s stagflation under Jimmy Carter set the stage for Ronald Reagan? I doubt it. More likely, Obama will be able to parlay the hard economic times into a second term.


How? The same way FDR did… by blaming everything that happens on his watch on his predecessors. The worse things get, the more the Obamacrats will blame it on "eight years of Republican deregulation, tax cuts and greed," calling for even more government intervention as the solution.


And the media, of course, will back them up.


But believe it or not, I'm not writing to you today to warn of the dangers of an Obama presidency -- I suspect you know them all too well. What I am writing to you about is how to protect your own financial well-being during the hard times to come.


It's crucial to understand: Hard times for America does not necessarily mean hard times for you. As a very wise investment expert of my acquaintance, Nicholas Vardy, likes to say, "No matter what the state of financial markets, there is always a strategy out there that can make you money."


The key, Vardy explains, is to recognize opportunities wherever they may be and, more importantly, detach yourself from old themes that are no longer working.


Vardy himself, an American based in London, is a master at crafting such cutting-edge investment strategies -- which he then passes on to subscribers to his Global Stock Investor investment newsletter.


So, for instance, back in mid-2007 Vardy was months ahead of the curve in spotting the coming boom in "soft" (agricultural) commodities -- recommending stocks like Canadian fertilizer giant Potash, which shot up quickly in price before coming back down to earth, by which time his subscribers had safely banked profits of 82% in just over three months time.


And that's nothing compared to the magic Vardy performed for his subscribers during the week of October 6-10, now on record as the worst in Wall Street history.


Consider this: During that five-day trading period, which wiped out some $2.4 trillion in shareholder wealth, Vardy's Global Stock Investor portfolio finished the week in the black.


Compared to the -17% decline in the Dow, that's incredible.


How does Nicholas Vardy do it? If I knew, I'd be in his business, not mine. But I'm sure those countless hours he spends sharing investment ideas with Europe's top money managers has something to do with it -- not to mention his graduate degrees from Stanford and Harvard.


Don't get me wrong: Nicholas Vardy is no elitist snob. Though he makes his "real" money managing money for a few wealthy clients, he also likes to "spread the wealth" -- not through higher taxes (sorry, Obama), but by helping people like you and me make profitable investments.


Full disclosure: I receive a percentage of each subscription sold, but even if I didn't, I'd want you to know about this amazing service. Nicholas' advice is rock solid. You'll thank me later.


Let's face it, the next few years will be tough ones for America, no matter who wins the presidency. But, to repeat, they don't have to be tough ones for you -- if you follow the brilliant investment strategies in Nicholas Vardy's Global Stock Investor. I urge you to give it a try.

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