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There's not much I like more than being out on the stump in the closing days of a close, hard-fought presidential campaign - especially when there's a powerful story that needs telling.


Everywhere I go, I'm letting folks know that Barack Obama has a better philosophy about how to lead America forward...better answers to the problems our families are facing...a better understanding of the complex economic choices that will confront our next President...and, yes, a better vice presidential partner.


You and I need to make sure that he has something else as well. We've got to give Barack Obama stronger majorities in Congress to help him drive change forward. There are just four days left and the Republicans are pulling out all the stops.


We must do more - there is too much at stake.


You and I have to focus all of our energies right now on getting Barack Obama, Joe Biden and other strong Democratic candidates to victory on November 4th.


Here's why your personal commitment matters so much. The leaders we elect in four days are going to have their hands full - repairing our economy, getting health care to our families, addressing global warming, and restoring America's reputation across the globe.


You and I know what it takes to win a national election. We know how much passion, energy and commitment we have to put into achieving victory. And we know that we've never lived through an October when the stakes have been higher than they are right now.


Let's go for it with every ounce of energy we've got. You and I can carry our candidates to victory - and lead our country to a brighter, more promising future.


Let's keep working until we win.


All the best,


Bill Clinton

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