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Guest 21st Century Democrats

21st Century Democrats' Pennsylvania plan is focused on increasing the democratic turnout in 11 key State House districts . Democrats currently hold a 1-seat majority in the State House, but are forced to work under a Republican Speaker. This divided government has meant that Democrats in Harrisburg have not been able to pursue the positive agenda of reform that voters are demanding. 21st Century Democrats' challenge is to speak directly with voters and explain how progressive candidates will enact policies that will strengthen our faltering economy and restore the promise of America.


In southeast Pennsylvania, we endorsed Rick Taylor and have had an organizer on his campaign since June. The campaign has put together an outstanding field program and have knocked on 16,543 doors, made thousands of calls and has identified 3,864 "yes" votes for Rick in his first bid for re-election. We are also providing resources and our political expertise to Democratic field operations in the Philadelphia suburbs.


But the key to winning Pennsylvania up and down the ballot is playing strong in the western third of the state. Democrats in this region tend to be "Bob Casey" Democrats, more socially conservative than their progressive eastern brethren. That's why we've dispatched 17 organizers to critical Western Pennsylvania districts to persuade swing voters in order to increase the turnout for Democrats up and down the ticket.


In Allegheny County eight of 21st Century Democrats' trained organizers are working to elect Ayanna Lee, who would be the first African-American woman elected to the State House outside of Philly. In Beaver County we are supporting Representatives Jaret Gibbons and Vince Biancucci with four field operatives to hold these important Democratic seats. Finally, in Cambria and Westmoreland County we are supporting three additional challengers with five field organizers, who are making phone calls, knocking on doors and organizing volunteers to build a working majority for Democrats in the State House.


John McCain believes that Pennsylvania will be the keystone to a Republican victory. Just as we did in Michigan and Maine , we refuse to cede the Republicans any territory. Our ground forces are out engaging voters each day, explaining why it is important to elect progressives and put America on the right track. We are confident that on Election Day, Barack Obama will win Pennsylvania, and Democrats will increase their majority in the State House in Harrisburg.


Democratically Yours,


Dan Lucas


21st Century Democrats

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