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McCain Wants to Cut Medicare and Medicaid Spending

Guest American for Progress

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Guest American for Progress

During the vice presidential debate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin ® explained McCain's health care plan as being "budget neutral. That doesn't cost the government anything. ...


But a $5,000 health care credit through our income tax that's budget neutral." The McCain campaign, which estimated that his health care tax credits will cost $3.6 trillion over the decade, initially said it would pay for the plan by taxing workers' health benefits, which are largely tax-free today.


CAPAF the McCain Healthcare Plan this would result in either a tax increase of $1,100 on the average family or a $1.3 trillion budget shortfall. Earlier this month, Holtz-Eakin told the Wall Street Journal that McCain would rely on "major reductions to Medicare and Medicaid" to fill the budget gap.


McCain advisers reiterated the goal this past weekend, saying that the senator would force Congress to "control the growth" of Medicare spending. In fact, throughout his career, h has regularly supported slashing Medicare benefits and limiting eligibility. He has voted to cut, restrict or underfund Medicare at least 28 times while voting to restrict access to Medicare at least two times. In 1997, McCain voted in favor of raising the eligibility age for receiving Medicare from 65 to 67 with the change being phased in between 2003 and 2027. McCain has also voted against Medicare's future by opposing efforts to extend its solvency at least nine times.

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