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Sixty is the magic number to a new direction for our country

Guest Hillary

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Guest Hillary

Sixty is the magic number. If we reach 60 Democrats in the Senate, then the days of Republican obstruction are over. With Barack Obama and Joe Biden in the White House and a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, there's nothing we can't accomplish.


But we can't reach 60 if these three Democrats don't win their extraordinarily close races: Mark Begich up in Alaska, Jeff Merkley in Oregon, and Mark Udall in Colorado.


I need these three Democrats working side-by-side with me on the Senate floor to accomplish the goals you and I set out -- rebuilding a strong middle class, health care for every American, and ending the war in Iraq. Barack Obama needs their help to reach a filibuster-proof majority that will end GOP obstruction once and for all.


Feeling the pressure with only two weeks before Election Day, Republicans have stepped up their attacks against Democrats. They're putting everything they have into these races, and our candidates need to match their efforts dollar-for-dollar.


They're tight races where the polls have them tied or within striking distance, and your decision to support them right now could make the difference on Election Day. Join me today and help Mark, Jeff, and Mark win.


As we're celebrating a new direction for our country on November 5, with a Democratic President and a filibuster-proof Democratic Senate, you'll be so proud to know that you helped to make the difference. Thank you so much for your hard work -- we are almost there!





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