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Republicans Surrender Michigan - Maine is New Battleground

Guest 21st Century Democrats

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Guest 21st Century Democrats

Democrats forced John McCain from Michigan, he now redirected some of his staff to Maine in the hopes of winning the state's electoral vote.


The Democrats have a plan to change this country, while Republicans are only offering the politics of fear, division and more of the same.


Democrats have coordinated a focused campaign to talk with voters about the the disastrous effects of the bankrupt Republican economic agenda. When Governor Sarah Palin flew to Bangor, coordinated staff and over 125 Mainers rallied outside the airport to show her that voters care about solutions to America's problems rather than petty mudslinging.


Democrats have field organizers in Maine for five months talking with voters about their concerns over the economy, affordable health care and caring for the environment. Our program is focused primarily on the key counties of York and Cumberland. Last week, we had almost 500 phone volunteers in those two counties who made over 30,000 calls and talked to over 4,000 voters about the Democratic message of change. Running up big totals in these counties will be vital to Barack Obama and our endorsed candidate for US Senate, Tom Allen, winning their statewide races.


addition to managing phone banks, our organizers have knocked on more than 5,000 doors with the help of excited Maine volunteers. This face-to-face effort is vital in Maine's First Congressional District where we are working to help elect Chellie Pingree. Independents make up 36% of the voters there, more than either the Democrats (34%) or the Republicans (28%). These independent voters want to talk with the campaigns and be personally courted. This is a time and labor intensive effort, but essential to winning this key seat.


Our organizers are part of the overarching coordinated campaign that has already made over 1.5 million phone calls and knocked on over 150,000 doors across the state. We are taking the fight to John McCain, Susan Collins, and the rest of the Bush-rubber stamp Republicans in every corner of Maine. In the small town of Limerick, one of our organizers is single-handedly running a field office and connecting with voters on a daily basis.


Our plans call for training 500 urban activists in field skills such as targeting, door-to-door communications, canvassing, data collection and analysis, message development and other important elements for winning elections. We’re excited about the political potential of all the people who have signed-up for these trainings. We look forward to working with everyone in the coming days and, of course, we strongly believe that these efforts will make our cities a better place to live in with equality for all.


Click Here and Join the Campaign

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