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50 Top Hispanic Business Leaders Endorse John McCain

Guest McCain-Palin 2008

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Guest McCain-Palin 2008

McCain-Palin 2008 announced the support of more than 50 influential Hispanic business leaders from across the country. They will work to communicate John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin's economic plan which will create jobs, ensure energy security, reform government spending and bring relief to American consumers.


"I am supporting John McCain because he has always done what is right for all Americans," said Mary Jean Duran of California, "He will continue to give Hispanic-American-owned small businesses the opportunity to compete in the global markets, while Barack Obama proposes billions in higher taxes, more spending and isolationism from global economy."


Jerry Natividad from Colorado added, "John McCain will fight to ensure the American dream is still achievable for us and for our children. He has a plan to get our economy back on track, create jobs, and keep people in their homes. He understands that small businesses are the job engine of America. Our economy simply cannot afford Barack Obama's plans for trade, health care, taxes, and energy."




Frank C. Rivera, Arizona

Ruben Alvarez, Arizona

Claudia Bermudez, California

Donald C. Garcia, California

Fred Armendariz, California

Issac Barcelona, California

Jarryd Rudolph, California

Josh Valdez, California

Mario Rodriguez, California

Mary Jean Duran, California

Matthew Venegas, California

Pablo Wong, California

Solomon D. Trujillo, California

Tom Garcia, California

William Jerry Silva, California

Willie Wulff, California

Jerry Natividad, Colorado

Eric Rojo, Washington, D.C.

Jose A. Fuentes, Washington, D.C.

Juan Carlos Benitez, Washington, D.C.

Roberto Jose Coquis, Washington, D.C.

Al Cardenas, Florida

Roberto Espin, Florida

David Hernandez, Florida

Eric Carson, Hawaii

Gloria M. Campos, Illinois

Vinicio E. Madrigal, Louisiana

Jose Nino, Maryland

David Olivencia, Michigan

Richard Aguilar, Minnesota

Jeannette Hernandez Prenger, Missouri

Fernando Romero, Nevada

Tibi Ellis, Nevada

Dr. Horatio Villareal, New Mexico

Ramon Tallaj, New York

Dr. Cynthia Lama, New York

Dr. Carlos Aviles, New York

Alfredo Gutierrez, New Jersey

John Regis, Puerto Rico

Ignacio Veloz, Puerto Rico

Maria Taxman, Missouri

Jeannette Hernandez Pranger, Missouri

F.H. Guzman, Tennessee

Raul Lopez, Tennessee

Sylvia Marcela Gomez, Tennessee

Adryana Boyne, Texas

Jacob Monty, Texas

Jenny De La Rosa, Texas

Jose Cuevas, Texas

Rick Jaramillo, Texas

Rolando Pablos, Texas

Massey Villareal, Texas

Nina Vaca, Texas

Ted Cruz, Texas

Tom Covino, Texas

Sylvia Haro, Utah

Jacqueline Krick, Virginia

Jo- Ann Chase, Virginia

Luis Quinonez, Virginia

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