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Looking For Alexandra Kalinderis

Guest Cemal Atila

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Guest Cemal Atila

Dear All,



My name is Cemal Atila. I am writing you from Konstantinopolis (Istanbul), Turkey to ask your kind help or advice for a serious problem that I'm facing.


I have a Greek girlfriend who lives in Washington D.C., USA and works as a flight attendant on a US airline company. Almost three weeks ago I suddenly lost contact with her and I can't reach her with all the means I have. When we had our last contact on July 13th, 2004, she was a bit ill and she was going to go to hospital the following day. And from then on, I could never contact her again. Naturaly, this has been a disaster for me and I am very much worried about her health. I am sure she is having a serious problem, but I can not reach her at all. I am going to submit a few details about her below and I desperately ask you to help me or at least give me some idea on how I can find out information about her.


Her name is Alexandra Kalinderis.

She lives in Washington D.C. with her mother.

She works in a US Airline Company as a Flight Attendant.


I would be more than grateful if any of you could kindly help me. Thanks in advance and hope to hear from you.




Cemal Atila



My e-mails:



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