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Where Was Councilmember Thomas?

Guest Kathy Henderson

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Guest Kathy Henderson

When Harry Thomas Jr., was sworn in after winning the seat as the Ward 5 Councilmember my title became constituent, not opponent; this is true for all of the other 12-14 persons that ran for Ward 5 seat. It is official, Harry Thomas Jr., represents every citizen residing in Ward 5 and we have a reasonable expectation that he will represent our interests.


His term began with violence in Carver Terrace and he was silent, only responding after the media focused on the issue. Trinidad has been rocked by a horrific level of violent crime and the Councilmember has done little to address this alarming state of affairs. The Councilmember initially supported Mayor Fenty and Chief Lanier's increased efforts to protect us with the Trinidad checkpoints, then changed his mind; he said we should look at alternative strategies to address violence. A community meeting with DC's Police Chief, US Attorney and Chief Judge to discuss what needs to happen to improve public safety is certainly an appropriate and necessary strategy. Expecting our Council representative to attend this meeting and participate for the betterment of our community is a reasonable expectation by any standard.


Finally, to say that the Councilmember knows what is going on is not convincing. Only arrogant politicians would dare be conspicuously absent when their constituents need them. If you cannot attend community meetings, then send a staffer and follow up. That did not happen. I may have addressed the neglect here on the listserv; however, citizens throughout Langston, Carver, Trinidad and Ivy City are complaining. What about their valid concerns? They have no alleged "opponent" issues, just a reasonable expectation that their Councilmember will work for them. The question remains. Where was Councilmember Thomas?




Kathy Henderson

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