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Did you know that being disorganized steals your time and your money? Two things we all never have enough of to begin with! If you are just fretting over not being able to get that mass of pictures in order or if you are chronically disorganized and every day is a struggle to even find your car keys in all of the rubble, I can help you.


My name is Kristine Zettler and I am a Professional Organizer and Life Coach with a B.S. in Psychology and I am looking forward to helping you make sense of your home, office or even your car!


I am not only reliable and creative, but I enjoy working with people and creating comfortable, clean, organized spaces which reflect a person's personal taste. I have always had a flair for design and assisting people to find their personal organizing style, which relates very closely with my background in psychology. The way people understand their space is very personal to each person and finding the key to how it works for them, I have found, is the key to finding a long lasting organizing system and style which will travel with them throughout their careers and their lives.


Feel free to contact me when you are ready to recreate your space!


Email: kriszettler@aol.com (please put ORGANIZING in the subject line)

Office Phone: 301-263-9150




Kristine Zettler

Personal Life Coach / Professional Organizer


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