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McCain or Obama Needs To Abolish DC Government


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McCain or Obama Needs To Abolish DC Government




Lieutenant Roy Blick, the head of the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department’s vice squad, in the 1950. oversaw the arrest of hundreds of gay men and lesbians.


In March 1950 he told a congressional committee that Washington was home to five thousand homosexuals and estimated that three-quarters of them worked for the federal government and unless they were removed and chased out of DC, they would bring untold immorality, corruption and more to the Nation’s Capitol. Lieutenant Roy Blick was absolutely correct as time would tell.


In 2008, Washington is the home to 150 thousand overt and convert homosexuals with most of them now running the local Government of the District of Columbia together with a legion of drug addicts and ex-convicts where they have turned the District of Columbia into the new Homosexual Capital of the United States, imposing their immoral ways upon the other 500 thousand residents by attacking members of the clergy, intimidating those who oppose them, threatening to expose the sexual orientation of local leaders unless they get what they want and thus embarrassing the United States before the eyes of the world.


The Nation's Capitol needs a new Lieutenant Roy Blick to remove this scourge and restore moral decency.

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