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Both Barack Obama and John McCain agree that gay rights will be an issue soon in this presidential election year and may need to be.


Thus my pushing the wrongs of the LGBT community here on DC Pages is in line of a social issue that is fair game.


Thie weekend of the 2008 Capitol Pride celebration in Washington, DC awards were being given out to some members of the LGBT community.


This award; Capital Pride Heroes 2008 has been given to a handful including Bob Summersgill which was major mistake.


Summersgill’s claim to fame has been fighting over the years the anti sodomy laws which were used as a justification to arrest gay men for being gay.


Summersgill was at one time the President of the Gay, Lesbian Activist Alliance.


The problem with Summersgill is, Summersgill in the past was posting unclothed pictures of himself on the internet at online clubs for under-aged boys which prompted several groups us and I to call Summersgill a Pedophile and Summersgill moving quickly to remove those unclothed pictures from these online gay message boards


Summersgill out of anger for being exposed for what he did began attacking all inculding my person.


Despite what others may think of Summergills, it does not diminish what he did and the fact that he is a bad choice for any award that the LGBT community wishes to bestow on people for their contributions and it destroys trust respect for people of the LBGT community.


Pedophilia has seen about 400,000 gay men place on the US Department of Justice's sexual offenders list an gay rights need to be made again an issue between McCain and Obama and it probably will be as.

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