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Fyp Passion Party Reps Needed! Earn Up To 60%!

Guest Jade

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~ATTENTION~ All new Romance Reps who purchase a business kit earn 40% from day one!!


Now is the best time to become a rep with “For Your Pleasure”! We are growing in leaps and bounds! For Your Pleasure is looking for people who have a great personality and wants to earn some serious extra cash! I’m talking about have a $800 party and you earn $320 that night! Not bad for a few hours worth of work!


~ New quick qualifying plan! $1000 in sales in 60 days! That is a synch when most shows average $350-$550 PER show!


~ FYP has an excellent COMPANY paid hostess program not rep pay like most which means KEEP 100% OF YOUR PROFITS!


~ Instant Paychecks (pay yourself the night of the party)

~ No inventory to carry around (parties shipped within 2 business days to hostess!)


~ No deliveries shipped to your home & no sorting and bagging (FYP does this for us!)


~ 40% STARTING commission with a kit purchase of $250!

~ 35% STARTING commission with an Open for Business show! What’s this? A chance to earn your kit for FREE! Ask me how!


~ Make additional monthly bonuses on personal sales volumes! This is in addition to your starting commission percentage!

Sell- $2000-$2999= Earn an additional 5%

$3000- $3999= Earn an additional 6%

$4000-$4999= Earn an additional 7%

$5000-$5999= Earn an additional 8%

$6000-$6999= Earn an additional 9%

$7000 + = Earn an additional 10%


~ Climb the ladder of success quickly with this easy recruiting program which will earn you up to 60% !! If you don’t want to recruit, you don’t have to with FYP!


~Training Manual and Training Video

~ No merchant account number needed

~ FYP processes all credit cards!


~ Your very own website with a very SMALL yearly fee to help increase your sales!


~ Brand new 109 page color catalog showing over 1000 items!

~ Earn awesome trips and rewards!


~ Yearly workshops with famous speakers and authors!

~ 24 hour On-line support system containing message boards and newsletters!


~ Looking to switch from another adult company? For a limited time I will pay your application fee!


Compare us to others and you will be back asking where do I sign up!! Come join my team to help cover many leads that come across my website!


To contact me for more information, visit www.michellestoychest.com on becoming a rep or hosting a party today!

My Webpage

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