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$2,500,000.00 FROM THE ELDERLY






As most of us recall, Mayor Adrian Fenty was accused and found by the DC Superior Court of having stolen the life savings of two elderly people valued at over $600,000.


What the public does not know is, Fenty was originally accused of having stolen from six elderly people but sort of plea bargain it down to two and thus what he did as it concerns the other four will never be fully known.


On WTOP Radio, Fenty asserted that he gave back the money to the two people he victimized but never offered up any evidence he did when Mayor Williams asked for it.


What the public does not know unless they have looked, Adrian and Michelle Fenty bought their home at 4712 17th St NW, two apartment buildings (12 units each) and financed his previous run for city council at the very same time they were accused of have stolen from the elderly all valued at over $2.5 million which was way behind their respective income ability based upon what he was getting as a city council member and she was being paid at the law firm she was of counsel of.


The truth is, when our elected leaders are accused of foul play we only hear part of the story, nobody bothers to go out and check the facts but we have, but if others had done the same they would have found that there was no way Adrian and Michelle Fenty could have afforded or made the down payment on their home, two apartment buildings and financed his last city council campaign based on their income unless they had secret income not reported and they would have also found that Michelle Fenty was the real estate whiz not Adrian Fenty and was heavily involved in those shady transactions affecting those elderly people.

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