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Arlington County is the top “wealth center” in the nation

Guest Arlington Economic Development

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Guest Arlington Economic Development

According to a BizJournals study,which ranked large U.S. municipalities in six categories ranging from income to home value. Arlington emerged as the top wealth center among all municipalities, with the City of Alexandria coming in fourth.


The study cited Arlington’s highly educated population, with one-third of Arlington adults holding graduate degrees, and its access to high paying jobs in the region, in law, government and research. The study of municipalities with populations greater than 100,000 was released August 18.


These factors are also highlighted in AED's current "Think Arlington" campaign conducted by Arlington Economic Development (AED), which is promoting brainpower as Arlington’s “alternative energy.” The campaign profiles members of Arlington’s “creative class” – highly educated professionals who help drive Arlington’s economic success.


“The notion of Arlington as a wealth center – a place which benefits from a highly educated, well-paid population – was at the origins of our Think Arlington campaign,” stated AED Director Terry Holtzheimer. “We wanted to highlight the people, companies and amenities that make Arlington such a sought-after place to live and work.”


In a research paper entitled "Brainpower", AED found that Arlington has significant populations of those employed in high-level, research, scientific and legal professions. Arlington has 3.5 times the national average of computer and mathematical occupations, 3.5 times the national average of life, physical and social science occupations, 7 times the national average of lawyers and 3 times the national average of occupations in the arts, design, entertainment, sports and media occupations

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