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Expanding the Tutorial Skills of Parents

Karl Rudder

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Expanding the Tutorial Skills of Parents vs Hiring the "Bill or Rights Organization"




The most impressive means of providing better quality education for DC students will be to very openly develop the tutorial skills of parents, especially for elementary school students, and allow DC youth to receive more frequent, positive and skilled tutorial assistance from their parents and concerned community adult neighbors during this entire upcoming school year.

It is only a myth that a child can become educated only within the hours of 9am -3pm.

A child will not learn how to walk, speak, or even learn how to go to the bathroom without continuous practice. We all know this yet too many have resigned the academic development of too many children to only what the child can possibly experience during the school day.


There only being 4 report cards for the entire school year will continue to fail to develop a strong team effort between parents and teachers. The ability of parents, teachers and school administrators to cooperate will be determined by their ability to communicate.

Designing 8 if not monthly exchanges between teachers and parents will more than double the current effort and the level of success of exchanges between parents and teachers for the benefit of DCPS students.

Parents, especially of elementary school age children, are in need of developing positive experiences at home for their children. A positive academic peer influence can be achieved so easily by having parents working with each other in providing their children and their children's friends.

The frequent efforts to develop the academic study skills and better develop their reading, spelling, having good handwriting and basic writing skills will produce many responsible and happy students.

How can a child learn to compute fractions, decimals and compute basic algebra and geometry when they have yet to confidently express a skill in adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing whole numbers?


The coordinated efforts of the many churches in DC, just a fraction of the thousands of college students in their junior or senior years of undergraduate study and any graduate student as well as many of the proud graduates of the DC Public Schools must form the army that will help many of the youth in DC during this entire school year.

DC Public Schools require each senior to express "community service" in order to graduate. I know several can be trained,properly supervised and come to impressively provide service for many of their little brothers and sisters at neighboring elementary and possibly a few junior high school students during the course of this new school year.


"Are you part of the problem or part of the solution ?"

Malcolm X

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