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During the 2008 election cycle, lobbyists for the doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical industry are spreading the wealth to insure their future economic success.


The pharmaceutical industry has more lobbyists on Capitol Hill than they are members of the U.S. Congress to insure that their clients are allowed more or less a free hand to manufacture what they want with little oversight and the right to shove their goods on consumer even if their goods kill or have no probative value.


There is no doubting that pharmaceutical industry, doctors and hospitals need to be regulated because the U.S. Food & Drug Administration has done a very lousy job, has been in the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry, doctors and hospitals and has never approved a drug that did not benefit them often risking the health of Americans noted by forced recalls of a long list of drugs.




What made AIDS so prominent among other diseases?


It was the fact that AIDS is a disease that caused the entire body to develop other diseases because the body’s immune system had broken down.


Doctors and the pharmaceutical industry argued that the best way to treat AIDS was to first strengthen a person’s immune system and then attack that which causes AIDS to destroy the immune system.


Yet doctors and the pharmaceutical industry take a different stance when it comes to CANCER.


How do doctors and the pharmaceutical industry tackle cancer? Well, they talk out of the other side of their mouths and tell us that to kill cancer they have to destroy our immune system with any one of 172 drugs known within the world of chemotherapy.


CANCER CARE is one of the most profitable diseases for doctors, hospitals and the pharmaceutical industries making up 30% of their entire revenues thus giving each a motivation to keep on treating people the way they have for over 80 years with little or no change in the way they do or desire to find a cure, but just to keep stringing people along with promises of a cure which they have no intentions of offering because to do such would put them out of business.


Unlike AIDS where the current treatments reap major profits for the health care industry, cancer is such a money maker that it is in the best interest of the health care industry not to find a cure but to keep you locked in their grip and insure that you are a repeat customer as a cured patient is a lost customer in the eyes of the health care industry!


If you think lawyers are evil, self serving **inappropriate material**; they are not at least purposely killing people for profit like our health care industry is!

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