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It Happens More Often Than Believed Or Reported that a cancerous growth appears in a part of our body, it is surgically removed and never returns but what may happen is a new and unrelated cancerous growth develops years down the road.




The foregoing IS NOT the result that the original had metastasized although your doctor will want you to think that is the case, and that is the underlying argument why you need adjuvant treatment.


The constitutional make up of varying cancers are so different that biologically and chemically there are no similarities but the layman is none the wiser and gullible to this false believe when shoved upon us by doctors many who are no more knowledgeable on this issue than you or I.




Your oncologist, radiologist or surgeon is not trained to know the differences in the various cancers and that is why they rely on Biochemists and Pathologists to tell them what is what.


You cannot expect any good to come from destroying the body’s God given immune system because such is like having a car accident in that, you may get your car fixed at a body shop but it is never the same!




Now doctors want us to believe that injecting us with some of the most deadly and toxic chemicals are going to cure your cancer! Maybe 35 years from now they will realize how they were killing us with it faster than the cancer would just like they realized the mistake they made in accepting millions of dollars to promote cigarettes and other things proven to have been harmful!


I only respect the surgeon because (s) he has a better chance of prolonging or saving your life whereas the oncologist and radiologist is a merchant of death.




The United Sates Government and the DC Government should jump in and strictly regulate oncologists and what they are injecting into you as there is no believable evidence that chemotherapy actually works because most cancer patients have little evidence or experience to go on because once they submit to chemotherapy they will not know if they would have survived longer than if they had not!





Former White House press secretary Tony Snow died in July 2008 at the age of 53, following a series of chemotherapy treatments for colon cancer.


In 2005, Snow had his colon removed and underwent six months of chemotherapy after being diagnosed with colon cancer.


Two years later (2007), Snow underwent surgery to remove a growth in his abdominal area, near the site of the original cancer. "This is a very treatable condition," said Dr. Allyson Ocean, a gastrointestinal oncologist at Weill Cornell Medical College. "Many patients, because of the therapies we have, are able to work and live full lives with quality while they're being treated. Anyone who looks at this as a death sentence is wrong." But of course we now know, Dr. Ocean was dead wrong.


The media headlines proclaimed Snow died from colon cancer, although they knew he didn't have a colon anymore.


Apparently, the malignant cancer had "returned" (from where?) and "spread" to the liver and elsewhere in his body. In actual fact, the colon surgery severely restricted his normal eliminative functions, thereby overburdening the liver and tissue fluids with toxic waste. The previous series of chemo-treatments inflamed and irreversibly damaged a large number of cells in his body, and also impaired his immune system -- a perfect recipe for growing new cancers. Now unable to heal the causes of the original cancer (in addition to the newly created ones), Snow's body developed new cancers in the liver and other parts of the body.


The mainstream media, of course, still insist Snow died from colon cancer, thus perpetuating the myth that it is only the cancer that kills people, not the treatment.


Nobody seems to raise the important point that it is extremely difficult for a cancer patient to actually heal from this condition while being subjected to the systemic poisons of chemotherapy and deadly radiation.


If you are bitten by a poisonous snake and don't get an antidote for it, isn't it likely that your body becomes overwhelmed by the poison and, therefore, cannot function anymore?


Before Tony Snow began his chemo-treatments for his second colon cancer, he still looked healthy and strong. After a few weeks into his treatment, Tony Snow started to develop a coarse voice, looked frail, turned gray and lost his hair. Did the cancer do all this to him? Certainly not. Cancer doesn't do such a thing, but chemical poisoning does. He actually looked more ill than someone who has been bitten by a poisonous snake.


Does the mainstream media ever report about the overwhelming scientific evidence that shows chemotherapy has zero benefits in the five-year survival rate of colon cancer patients? Or how many oncologists stand up for their cancer patients and protect them against chemotherapy treatment which they very well know can cause them to die far more quickly than if they received no treatment at all?


Can you trustingly place your life into their hands of most oncologists when you know that most of them would not even consider chemotherapy for themselves if they were diagnosed with cancer? What do they know that you don't?


The news is spreading fast that in the United States physician-caused fatalities now exceed 750,000 each year. Perhaps, many doctors no longer trust in what they practice, for good reasons.


I just worked with cancer patients who did, and as I look back on them and how they responded to Surgery versus Neo Adjuvant and Adjuvant care; those who only had Surgery had a better quality of life after the treatment than those who received otherwise.


As I have said before, the way chemo is administered indiscriminately is a certain death sentence and making most oncologists licensed Dr. Jack Kevorkian’s!


No more that 35 years ago medical doctors were endorsing cigarettes, being paid for it, had cigarette literature and coupons in the waiting rooms while having us believe there was no harm in it!!!

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