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When I was a young man, I was sexually abused by a gay man and he was given 5 years in prison for what he did to me and other boys by the State of New York.


When I was a young adult I was falsely accused by a legal clinic run by group lesbian lawyers of having fathered a child and put through a few years of legal hell in denying such and only won the fight when the woman failed to agree to establish paternity through a blood test.


When I was in my 40’s I was offered a job with DC Government and then had that job offer taken away because a supervisor at the DCHR decided to give the job to her lesbian lover who had not even applied at the time DDOT had offered me the job.


If you had been so abused by the GLBT community as I have and so many others as well without ever having done wrong to them, then you will see the truth about these people and why their immoral ways should be opposed if not on religious ground; on grounds that their ways are so unnatural.

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Guest I understand

When I was about 9th grade I had to research a paper at the library. After a few hours I had to use the bathroom. I remember sitting on the toilet going number two and in walked in this man. I could not see him, but I knew he was using the urinal. His feet could be seen from under the partition. After a minute I noticed his feet had moved farther back. His shoes were perfectly aligned by my door crack of my stall. I looked up the seam and noticed an eye of the man looking at me. My heart froze in fear. After what seemed an eternity waiting for the man to leave I realized I had not locked my door. A man in his mid twenties pushed open the door and asked me if I wanted to go with a ride with him. I grabbed my pants and rushed past him. I never had been so scared. An older boy I knew on my street saw me in the main library and asked why I was all freaked out. I told him the story and he rushed out to get the guy. He chased the predator into his car and he sped off. To this day I am grateful to my friend for helping me, but for years I was hunted with that memory.


As I grew older and stronger my resentment toward homosexuals grew. Then one day I met my future wife. She is in the event industry and there are many gays in her field. I explained my position to her. She told me she understood my feelings, but did not have the same belief against them. One night she invited me to a small party at her apartment. I arrived a little late and her party had already started. I was used to the keg in back of the house type party, but I knew this was going to be different. My girlfiend was having h'orderves and various wines. I instantly could spot the more feminine gays, so I instinctively went looking for the keg of beer and away from them. Another guy who looked uncomfortable passed me a beer and told me this was not his scene. I agreed. Somehow we smalltalked our way into a conversation about football which is a subject I am completely comfortable with. Then we talked about music and some other normal guy from England joined in and we discussed the differences between the American and British music scene.


Later on I had a beer outside with my girlfriend. I thanked her for a great time and inviting me to her party. She was happy and asked if I met any nice people. I told her that I kinda stayed away from the gay people, but they did not bother me after awhile. I also told her that I did meet some really cool people who had simular interests as me. My girlfriend told me the men I was speaking to were gay. I froze and thought about that moment in the bathroom. These guys were not like my predator. This was the moment that extinguished my hatred of an entire group of people. I now have come to realization that there are both straight and gay sexual predators. Both, I hate with a passion. But, the orientation does not bother me anymore. People can do whatever they want with each other just do not share the details with me. I now have a few gay people that I consider friends.

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While I would never do anything to injure another, I have just had too many bad experiences without provocation with the homosexual community.


The US Dept. of Justice keeps a predator list that consist of about 600,000 sexual predators and over 540,000 of them are gay men who were arrested for going after under-aged boys.


Most members of the clergy around the country who were accused and found guilty as sexual predators were gays who went after under-aged boys as so outlined on NBC TV To Catch A Predator.

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