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DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier is a criminal herself when several times she intervened and obstructed the law by helping to keep Mayor Adrian Fenty out of jail over his physical abuse of his wife and other matters.


Now this incompetent chief of police who got her job not because she was qualified but as a political reward is asked to deal with an increase in violent crime, and her lack of real experience is seen in her idiotic “Check Points” of certain pockets of crime which will have no real value but merely chase the criminal element elsewhere like a poorly laid plan to kill cockroaches by only fumigating one room of a house.


Adding to the problem is a mayor who is also a criminal and had no qualms of stealing from others their life savings, dabbling and contributing to the crime problem with his own use of drugs and secretly visiting seedy establishments of ill repute knowing that Chief Lanier would always cover up and protect him from his bad behavior.


With people like Chief Lanier and Mayor Fenty in charge, is anybody safe?

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