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It is becoming painfully obvious that the top leadership of the Government of the District of Columbia are homosexual men who are living in marriages of convenience and have open the doors of opportunity for others like them.


While there is no disputing that DC Mayor Adrian Fenty is a homosexual, Deputy Mayor Neil Albert is a homosexual; the master-mind behind this exclusive networking of homosexual men living in marriages of convenience to get top paying jobs with the Government of the District of Columbia is the work of DC City Administrator Dan Tangherlini.


It is not the issue of homosexuality that offends us but the fact that these homosexuals are discriminating in employment opportunities in favor of their own, locking everybody else out and taking acts of revenge on anyone who dares to challenge them.


The fact that the Government of the District of Columbia is run by homosexuals is something the U.S. Congress should weigh when DC comes with its demand for voting rights in Congress.



P.S. I have countless pictures of Mayor Fenty, Deputy Mayor Albert, DC City Admin Tangherelini and others engaging is same sex acts at private parties outside of DC.

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