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Skins interested in Brett Farve


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I heard a report that Dan Synder might try to go after Brett Farve. Not sure if this is true but Danny Boy does have a history of going after big name players. Not sure if this is a great idea though, Jason Campbell has to step up this year and be the quarterback of the future so bringing in Farve might set him back. That being said, Farve would make the Redskins better immediately even if its only for a year.


I also just noticed that the Skins signed Colt Brennan so I'm not sure how much weight the Farve thing carries. What do you (Skins fans) think about this? Is it worth bringing in Brett Farve?

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I think Bret Farve will not be with the Redskins. I think he is done and big Dan is going with Jason Campbell and the Redskins will do fine. I am tired of hearing about Bret Farve and I hope that we will not hear about him any more and the Fans of the Redskins focus on the Season. I think that we will have a great season and that we will win all our games to. Your 1! Super Fan Joe knight!

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