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Conventional website optimization techniques have not been effective in surpassing page ranking limitation that prevents low page ranking sites to get better SERP even for low volume keywords. Thematic Search Optimization was introduced by Frederrick Abrugart, director of Search Marketing Sales Ltd, a certified SEO firm based in Australia.


Thematic optimization is a unique search engine optimization technique that uses the combination of keyword analysis with linguistic theme approach; organic optimization with keyword-link strategy. This cutting-edge website optimization will optimize a website inside-out giving search engine robots extremely strong signal of keyword relevance hence giving the best search engine result placement.


Linguistic theme approach is the method to create keyword listings that self-support with each other hence giving an overview of keyword theme on a particular URL. Conventional keyword analysis tends to create keyword listings based only on search volume. Keyword-linking process refers to the application of keyword theme and "site framework" optimization to develop a keyword-rich and keyword-linking relevance signal to search engine bots when the URL or domain is crawled. Thematic optimization will produce a fully optimized URL irregardless whether the search engine bots crawl the page from top-bottom or top link depth to deepest link depth. Sites optimized using

thematic optimization technique will deliver best highest SERP.


As Frederrick pointed out, “Thematic optimization will allow sites of lower page rank to get the better of higher page ranking sites for a given keyword. Inbound links still play a critical factor in deciding a website SERP for a given keyword. However thematic optimization will out-stretch and outdo a website current page ranking potential giving its highest organic search result possible. It will maximize the results of your link building campaign.”


SearchMarketingSales has to date, helped over 1200 websites, from small business and large organizations to acquire top rankings for their keywords. Offering 8 proven and effective features in its website optimization packages, thematic optimization has indeed hit the SEO industry with a BIG bang!

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