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Guest Anissa

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Guest Anissa

Event Emissary Takes Service to the Next Level with Environmentally Friendly Options


WASHINGTON, March 12, 2008 – Event Emissary, a meeting and event planning company founded in 2003, has combined its staff’s personal interests in responsible ecology with an expertise in event planning to become the first business in its local category to offer green services.


Co-founder Jenna Mack states, “We have taken extensive steps to reduce our company’s carbon footprint and are educating our clients on the environmentally friendly options available to them. Event Emissary strives to create high-impact, successful meetings and events while treading lightly on the earth.”


Event Emissary works with clients to determine all the ways their events can be more environment friendly, while leaving the level of green visibility and transparency up to each individual client.


“We call them meetings and events with eco-flair,” says Mack.


“It’s our job to find innovative earth-conscious solutions and offer them to our clients. We recognize that not every recommendation may fit a client’s program or current corporate culture, so we provide the opportunity for our clients to determine just how green they want a program to be,” comments co-founder Stephanie Campbell.


There are plenty of environmentally responsible options available when it comes to event planning - and many of them don’t cost more than the standard products or services. Mack and Campbell raise awareness of these options, which clients may never have considered, and help turn an ordinary event into a “green” one.


Event Emissary’s unique services enable clients to take advantage of: environmentally friendly hotels and conference or meeting venues; caterers that offers sustainable, local and organic cuisine; composting of food waste and collection of recyclables at the event; recycled or recyclable materials for use whenever possible for brand marketing materials; travel arrangements, shuttles, valet services, door-to-door staff escorts and public transportation incentives; contingency planning; and much more.


“If every aspect of a meeting or event was guaranteed to be flawless, then meeting and event planning would simply be a matter of organization and attention to details. Event Emissary takes it a step further—we help make green events possible, prepare for every conceivable contingency and are ready to improvise in any situation,” says Mack.


P.O. Box 575, Washington, DC 20044-0575

Tel: 202-369-5695 | Fax: 202-786-0022


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Guest Defenders of Wildlife_*

I called up Event Emissary and was impressed with the fact that they use recycled paper and soy ink on all their event materials. The very temporary nature of holding an event I consider wasteful. But, after speaking with Jenna, I had to say that this company has a real commitment to the environment. If we decide to hold our event in Washington next Spring they will get our business.

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Guest GreenDC

I called Event Emissary to understand a little about the environmental practices today. I was happy to find out that the staff was at Constitution Hall listening to Al Gore's "A Generational Challenge to Repower America" speech.

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Guest Marsha

I hope other event companies start being more enviromental. The last company I used filled a dumpster full of trash. They did not even seperate the recyclable material.

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