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Only in DC can an ex-convict, habitual substance abuser or an un-repented piece of trailer trash rise to positions of power and a six digit income while honest, hard working and respectful people barely make it because of the power these immoral people hold and their helping each other out.


The District of Columbia has a reverse moral value system from other jurisdictions, supports matters that fly in the face of the basic percepts of all major religions and rewards indecency, immorality and more turning their ways into the norm and penalizing others who are not like them.


Case in point is DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier who for no better choice of words is Trailer Trash.


As a teenage girl Lanier had no qualms of sleeping around indiscriminately, getting pregnant and then is portrayed by the immoral leaders of DC as a woman who started off rough but worked her way up.


The sad fact is, and if you have followed Lanier, she is still Trailer Trash in that off the job she dresses like trailer trash with tight fitting hot pants half way up her ass crack when at home, she has dated and lived with men known to drink heavily, and her off the job behavior is totally unbefitting and embarrassing to a person of her social ranking.


Yet, Lanier is just one of a long list of people our immoral leaders praise wrongfully and try to pass off as a role model.


If Chief Lanier takes offense to this posting then too freaking bad as she needs to look at herself and accept the fact that people do watch and her every move can easily under mind her among memembers of the media, opposing political groups and others!

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