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Most District of Columbia employees have lied on their job application/resume about their educational level and work history, and have gotten away with it because the leadership of the District of Columbia Department Human Resources rarely checked reference nor did they want to.


Why? As previously reported by us, the DCHR has a Friends & Family Plan that was designed to provide jobs mainly to those related to and/or friends of people working inside DCHR.


For years, DCHR became an employment agency for DC’s lesbian community which explains the disproportionate number of women and specifically lesbians employed by the Government of the District of Columbia.


As such, DCHR for several decades was engaging in cronyism, discrimination in hiring and knowingly hiring unqualified people that were untruthful about their educational and vocational qualifications.


There has been no change at DCHR under Brender L. Gregory who is the director of the DC Department of Human Resources despite her impressive credentials although over inflated.


Complaints by taxpayers about the dysfunctional Government of the District of Columbia was caused by the women of DCHR over the past three decades who cared more about providing jobs to family members, friends and their lesbian lovers than providing good services through qualified staffing to the people who paid their salaries.


DC Mayor Adrian Fenty talks about cleaning up DC government but that is the best lie that has come out of his mouth as he is doing the same thing by providing jobs to ex-convicts, substance abusers and those with little or no education andor work history: E.g. Veronica Washington and the list goes on.


DC wants a vote in Congress? bullcrap as it should never be granted to the most crooked government in the United States until it cleans up the corruption and shuts down its discriminatory hiring practices.

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