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Irish voters poised to kill off EU 'stealth constitution'

Guest Kerry

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Guest Kerry

Ireland’s no campaign has a five-point lead just days before the vital vote on the reform treaty; and Brussels has no plan C


UNDER a drizzly sky, the Eurocrats of Brussels smiled and handed out balloons at their annual open day yesterday. Behind closed doors, however, as one official admitted: “They’re all s******* themselves.”


In four days Ireland will vote on the European reform treaty and polling suggests that the “no” camp will win. If it does, the European Union mandarins will once again have been thwarted in their efforts to impose a “stealth constitution” on the union’s 500m population.


French and Dutch voters killed off the original constitution three years ago; now the Irish may be poised to dispatch its replacement, the Lisbon treaty, on Thursday. Yet the Eurocrats apparently have no plan C. Constitutional chaos looms.

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