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Maybe most of you know it but for those who don't, if one day you and I get into an argument and I decide that I want to stick it to you good, I can do it by filing a phony criminal charge against you.


How do I do that?


I walk in the front door of the office of any"Magistrate" and vebally swear out a complaint against you. I can say that you and I were arguing and all of a suddeny you tried to kick me in the groin.


The magistrate will then have me swear in, I give him your name and known address and then state for the record what I claim you did. If the magistrate believes that I am telling the truth, he will then agree to issue a WARRANT for your arrest and ask the sheriff to pick you up.


From that point on, you will have to appear in court based upon my charge, most of the time the Commonwealth Attorney will go forward with the charge and allow a judge to rule if my story or your's is credible.


This is how easy it is to mess anybody up in Virginia.


No other state allows this type of citizen's word alone to trigger the arrest of another.


Arlington County Commonwealth Attorney Richard Trodden is the worst when pursuing such phony charges and when confronted with evidence that the charge is BS has refused to drop it.


It is all a scam to make money for local lawyers and for Trodden who pockets some of those defense fees you paid.

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