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Dirty kitchens

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I was just reading thru the postings and noticed a few reviews about bad service or food, but, I never see a review of how clean the kitchens are or aren't. As a chef born and raised in Bethesda I've worked at many of the local establishments and as a professional chef of 20+ years I have to say that most of them are filthy behind the scenes. The customer only sees the waitstaff and their ability to provide good or bad customer service. I just left what is known as a 'exclusive' country club on Rockville Pike ( I won't mention the name but it's across from the Best Buy) and I left for a number of reasons. I told them when they hired me that I would not, under any circumstance, lower my levels of discipline and professionalism. I don't think anybody cared about those things. From the Head chef on down it didn't seem that anybody gave a damn. I finally ended my employment after only 8 weeks because I had to share my workspace with mice, roaches, flies and bugs. The kitchen was never properly cleaned, sanitizer was rarely used, the walk-in coolers were always above 50*F all day and a huge majority of the food was instant, frozen or pre-bought crap. The mashed potatoes were instant powder from a can. Is it that hard to boil and mash a potato? Not to say there aren't any clean kitchens because there are. A vast majority of them are not though. Next time you go to dinner ask to see the kitchen. If the chef takes pride in it you should be welcomed to walk thru...if the chef is a slob then they don't want you to see where the food comes from.

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That must be Woodmont Country Club your mentioning. I used to have a friend that DJ'd there.

I didn't say it, but, your right. One of the dirtiest, unprofessional and undisciplined kitchens I've ever worked in.

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