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Wrong philosophy of Osho

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Wrong philosophy of Osho


Some devotee from USA asked Me to analyse the philosophy of Osho. I think that Osho pleads for freedom in the love of even married human beings. He pleads that secret contacts are wrong. He says that even illegal contacts should be frankly spoken out. This concept is wrong in two stages. In the first stage the illegal contact itself is wrong. In the second stage, when the other partner [whose partner has cheated on him or her] comes to know of the illegal contact, the other partner undergoes unimaginable agony. To do a sin is one mistake. To hurt the heart of any human being is another mistake. It is a double sin and such a soul, whether male or female will be punished twice in hell. According to the old ethical scripture of Hinduism, a red-hot copper statue of the person with whom the illegal contact was done is placed before the sinner and he or she will be forced to embrace it.


The attitude differs from one culture to another. The villain stole Helen of Troy. Helen led a family life with the villain. When Helen returned back, she again had a normal family life with the hero. But when Ravana stole Sita, Sita did not even look at Ravana. Therefore, there is a vast difference in the cultures of the East and the West in the root itself. I do not criticise or praise any culture. But even Jesus did not agree to any such illegal contacts of any married human being. He criticised even prostitution. Thus, the field of Pravritti is one and the same in view of God, whether it is East or West. Therefore, this again proves that God is one and the same.

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