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New suspect in Sean Taylor's death


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This just in, Miami prosecutors have announced that a fifth person has been charged in the murder of Washington Redskins Pro Bowl Safety Sean Taylor.


According to Miami-Dade County State Attorney's Office spokesman Ed Griffith, 16-year-old Timothy Brown is charged with first-degree murder under a sealed warrant. At this time, Brown is being held in Lee County and it is not known if he will be transferred to Miami-Dade County to face the charge.


Taylor died in November after being shot during a botched robbery.


The trial for the four suspects originally charged with the killing of Taylor is scheduled for August 25.

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Assistant State Attorney Reid Rubin filed notice Friday that the death penalty in the case of the four suspects charged with the killing of Washington Redskin Sean Taylor will be waived. The reason for this is that the shooter, Eric Rivera Jr, in the botched robbery was only 17 at the time of the attack.


The US Supreme Court has ruled that people cannot be executed for crimes committed when they're under 18, and it's a well established legal principle that others involved in the same case as a minor cannot face the ultimate penalty if they are less directly responsible.


This means that the suspects will receive a max of life in prison if convicted of first-degree murder.

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I think that the fifth person should get life in prison. For killing Sean Taylor and he will get shank in prison for what he did to Sean Taylor. I miss Sean Taylor and I know he is with us in sprite. I also know that justice will be served on august 25 and Sean Taylor will be at peace in heaven. Resting in peace.

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