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War With Iraq


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The war with Iraq is because President GWB is a thief, murderer, kidnaper and a son of the same. I was living in the country of Iraq and was maried to multiple spouses. After the birth of my son Kuwait my spouse, child and I went to Kuwait to see her parents. When I returned home my other spouses would not let the woman and child I had returned with enter our home because there had been a switch. The woman was arrested and found to be a Jew. The child was hospitalized because it was sick with a contageous desease. They tried to get the sick child into my house to kill my other children. Sadam led the investigation into the kidnaping of my Spouse and child. Sadam and I went to the country of Kuwait where it was found that there had been an entrance cut into the duct work in her parents home in the room where she went to change the child's diaper. Sadam and I were called to the office of the Prince of Kuwait. Upon entering the office of the Prince Sadam began to argue with the man there. Sadam then explained to me that it was not the Prince but a Jew imposter. I then recognised the man as a Jewish American art dealer whom I had met briefly before. The imposter was arrested and placed on trial for the murder of the Prince of Kuwait. The man on trial told the court that he had been placed there by important people and he would help get their confession. Mr. George W. Bush was called on the telephone. In the conversation GWB implicated himself in multiple crimes. Art theft, the murder of my Kuwaiti Spouse, the kidnaping of my child Kuwait, conspiracy concerning my Howard Hughes Estates, the theft of multiple masterpieces and the murder and replacement of the Prince of Kuwait with the man on trial. When the Kuwaiti Government tried to have Mr. George W. Bush extradited to Kuwait to be tried for his crimes his daddy the President ordered the invasion of Kuwait.

The USMC entered the country of Kuwait and distroyed all records they could find of the trial. The USMC invaded Iraq only as far as to loot my home and kidnap my remaining family members along with myself. Of course the looting of my home was claimed some type of spoils of war. This looting was televised in the USA on television. I dont feel the USA had a right to my property or to kidnap my family members and myself. I have for a decade and a half trying to find what was done with my family without assistance. I have filed to get the return of my property stolen from my home when the USMC looted it and have not got assistance.

Then there is the issue of the War in Iraq now.

George W. Bush went to a New York auction house to sell the masterpieces which were stolen before Desert Storm. Along with proof of ownership the real owners sent the auction house copies of the trial of which George W. Bush implicated himself in the thefts and the other crimes. Bush wanted these crimes covered up so he ordered an invasion against Iraq thinking he could distroy all proof of his crimes. There are internet sites around the world which have the same evidence so atttacking Iraq wilol do no good. One day he will be tried for the crimes along with the crimes of falsafying government information to make the people think the lies he has led them to think...........

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Yes he is, I am tired of both him and this War. Too much tears, too much pain.


Voice your thoughts about the War in Iraq and the war at other countries at my events.


Peace and Stand strong!

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