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Your boss filed his 2007 income tax return which showed a gross income of $375,000.00, he lives in a $2,000,000.00 home in Bethesda, the company is clearly in the black but he decides to lay you off from your lousy $33,000.00 a year job so he can have a bigger paycheck.


Should you go Postal on him?


Sure, why not. What better way to send a message to a greedy boss!


The proximate cause of our current economic down slide is the result of greedy people in the credit card, housing, oil and real estate industries who for the past eight (8) years got a wild hair in their ass and wreaked havoc on America.


So should Americans suffer because of a few or should these people be punished for what they did?


Yeah Congress demanded the heads of the oil industry to explain the high gas prices in light of record profits for the oil industry and record paychecks for the president and other high ranking executives. Now they should bring in the **inappropriate material** who are making record profits in the credit card and housing industries to hear they sorry ass excuses.


With all of the layoffs taking place, it is just a matter of time before some people start going postal on their bosses but will anybody shed a tear over it?

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