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Homeless Shelter to Move near Union Station

Guest WaldoDC

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Guest WaldoDC

Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham's has sent out an email planning to move the Central Union Mission to the landmarked Gales School at 65 Massachusetts Avenue NW. Jim Graham has to be the biggest idiot in DC Government. In a time when there is an economic slowdown, Jim Graham wants to move a homeless shelter next to the District's biggest revenue stream and the seat of government. How did the man get elected Councilman. This is also the location of NoMa business improvement district.


I can see it now. Panhandling and crime will increase all around Union Station and the US Capitol Building. People was start not going there. Hotels and restaurants will suffer.


Walking toll booths will be everywhere. "Hey man, got some change!"


Imagine this picture all around Capitol Hill. Is this what you want. Spread the word.



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I am not convinced that crime will increase around Union Station and the US Capitol. There is a huge police presence in that area now and I believe that the city will not let panhandling effect the area. Too many tourists, and their money, is spent around Union Station with the shops, restaurants, and hotels for the District not to take action.

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