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Retired Air Force Lt. Col. Challenges John Kerry in 2008

Guest Ogonowski for Senate

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Guest Ogonowski for Senate

Jim Ogonowski, announcing that he is running for United States Senate challenging John Kerry in November, released the following statement:


“Last summer, we started a movement right here in Massachusetts -- a call for change that has resonated across the state and the nation. It’s a call to change the way Washington does business. It’s public service for the right reasons. That means serving the people and not the lobbyists and Washington insiders. With the lowest approval ratings in history, it is clear that Washington is broken and the people of Massachusetts are demanding a new voice that will fight for their interests. No one represents the status quo, business as usual mentality in Washington, more than John Kerry.


"Folks in Massachusetts don’t see John Kerry around here much anymore -- Washington is his home. It’s been his home for a long time. I call Dracut, Massachusetts my home.


"I want to go to Washington to return government to the people. I will stand up to the Washington insiders and special interests and fight for the people of Massachusetts. We have real problems that need real solutions, not more political lip service. We need a long-term economic plan that brings jobs back to Massachusetts. We need immigration reform that does not include amnesty for illegal immigrants and we need a long-term energy plan that works. We had an energy crisis 22 years ago when John Kerry took office and we have one still now. He didn’t fix this in 22 years and he won’t fix it with another 6 years. It is time we send someone new to Washington.


“That is why I am running for Senate and that is why we will build on the movement we started last summer and that is why I believe Congress will be returned to the people in 2008.”


Kevin Scott, a small business owner, 2006 candidate for US Senate, and former Wakefield Selectman, has officially withdrawn his candidacy for US Senate in order to endorse Jim Ogonowski.


"Election to the U.S. Senate should not be a lifetime appointment. John Kerry has been there long enough and it is time we put someone in Washington who will truly represent the people of Massachusetts. Jim Ogonowski will never forget that he is one of us. Jim is the most hard-working and likeable candidate I have ever met, and I look at him as the only candidate who can defeat John Kerry in November," Scott said.


"In 24 years John Kerry has done nothing to truly benefit the citizens of our state, instead choosing to support his DC friends and lobbyists. We don't need any more of Kerry's support for tax increases, bigger government, and a complete lack of oversight as to how our government spends our money. We are truly desperate for someone like Jim Ogonowski. Jim will work to keep our citizens in good jobs, lower taxes on working families and most of all, support efforts to keep this country safe. That is what Jim Ogonowski will bring to the Senate and I am proud to support him. I look forward to joining the massive Ogonowki network of volunteers from all across Massachusetts to insure that we will proudly elect Jim Ogonowski as the new U.S. Senator from Massachusetts on November 4, 2008,” Scott concluded.


Responding to Mr. Scott’s endorsement, Ogonowski said, “I am honored to have Kevin’s endorsement. Kevin represents what is right about the people of Massachusetts: He is a hard working, civil servant who cares deeply about this state and our neighbors. I look forward to working with Kevin to help bring our government back to the people it is meant to represent.”


Ogonowski continued, “John Kerry has been in Washington so long, he no longer does that-represents the people. He lives in DC, he works in DC and his friends are in DC. I live, work and participate in the community of Massachusetts and what I hear is ‘Jim, we need a change down there. Congress is a mess.’


“I want to help bring more jobs to Massachusetts. I want to work hard on alternative energy to remove our dependence on foreign oil, help our environment and create a new industry to stimulate our economy in the long term. We need a solution to illegal immigration that does not include amnesty. I want to do what John Kerry has not in 22 years: help the people of Massachusetts.”

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