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Do not use emotional slogans in spiritual path….


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Do not use emotional slogans in spiritual path….


An atheist should not become a theist just for food, money, the job offered by you or the professional education offered by you to get a job. Such conversion is not real and permanent. Do not kindle emotions by showing or explaining the story of the crucifixion of Jesus. Do not kindle the attraction towards the physical appearance by showing the beautiful pictures of Krishna etc. Such means used for conversion are not real and permanent. The conversion of mind or heart is not real and eternal. Do not attract a person in problems by offering solutions through prayers and songs or by using the super powers of God for solutions. The faith developed by such ways will not stand forever because God will not always answer the prayers, songs and crying with tears. People become addicted to such ways. The child will weep every time for a chocolate, since it is habituated to that path. The child intensifies the process of weeping if the chocolate is delayed! Initially the child is attracted by chocolates to go to the school for some days. The child has become young person but did not cross the first standard of the school, because the child concentrated only on the art of weeping to get the chocolates. The person became a postgraduate or even a Ph.D. degree holder in the course of begging and weeping for chocolates. The person became an exceptional scholar and developed several talents in praising the Lord, crying for the Lord, singing and composing music on the Lord, doing meditation and concentration on the Lord with his mind, chanting the Lord’s name millions of times, writing the name of Lord millions of times, chanting some letters (Beejaksharas or mantras), drawing some design or diagrams on metallic plates (Yantras), doing worship following certain special ways of [occult] technology (Tantras) and so on. These discoveries and developments are tremendous and as many as the developments in science and technology! Ofcourse, all these are good psychological ways of solving or treating certain psychological problems in patients with fixed notions to give mental relief from stress and gain confidence. All these ways are good, if the person is free from aspiration of any fruit from God in return [for such actions]. Such love is real. But the real love is expressed in terms of the sacrifice of work and the sacrifice of the fruit of work as seen in the case of your love for your children. If such practical expression exists, all the above theoretical expression of love through words and mind can be associated as a plate of meals is associated with a glass of drinking water.



Therefore in propagating the divine path, you should appeal to people only through knowledge, logical analysis and a systematic scientific approach. Avoid all the above means, which are theoretical and political ways of exploitation of one’s weakness. God is certainly above science and logic, because He is beyond creation and nature. But God always follows the ways of nature, which are logical and scientific, following the path of justice. In a rare and exceptional case, He uses His superpower, which is also not against justice. He suffers for your sin and thus the justice of the wheel of deeds is always upheld by Him even in the exceptional case of the use of His superpower.

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