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Lord is the Greatest Scientist


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Lord is the Greatest Scientist

Maya is Deeper & Deeper Logic



If you observe the logical design and scientific management of this creation, you will say that He is the greatest scientist. He will never violate His own rules of nature and science which is His very psychology. The superpower (Maya) is also a deeper stage of science (Prakriti) as said in the Gita (Mayamtu prakritim…). A wonderful design with a logical plan (Maya) beyond our imagination exists as the basis of this nature, which is understood by us superficially (Prakriti). When you go deeper and deeper into science, the logic continues but at a stage, your capacity to understand it fails. That does not mean that logic vanished at the deeper level. The capacity of your intelligence to grasp that deeper logic alone has vanished. Maya is not the failure of logic but it is a deeper and deeper subtle logic, which can be understood only by God, who is the greatest scientist. Logic and science continue in a more and more subtle way but the limits of the grasping power of humans end at that level.

A schoolboy cannot follow quantum mechanics or wave mechanics which is dealt at the postgraduate level. The schoolboy says that the subject is beyond logic. According to a foolish student, there is no logic in that topic at that level. This is not true. His capacity to understand the logic of that level failed. That does not mean that the subject dealt at the postgraduate level is without logic and that all postgraduate students are beyond logic! More and more revelation of divine knowledge comes out from God, as your capacity or grasping power increases. God will not reveal the higher knowledge if your grasping power is low, because you will then say, that God is beyond logic, which means that God is mad. You should say that God is beyond your level of logic. God is quite logical at His level. The gap between your level of logic and His level of logic is called ‘Avyaktam’ or unimaginability of logic, which is the unbreakable ignorance. The Veda says the same “Avyaktat Purushah Parah…”. The Gita also says the same “Maam tu veda na kaschana...” Scientists say that they will reach the level of logic of God (Maya) by tomorrow, but that tomorrow always remains as a tomorrow. Scientists are egoistic due to their jealousy at this point, because they cannot accept God as greater than any scientist. When Einstein presented his paper on the Theory of Special Relativity, no scientist understood it except Einstein himself. But all of them respected Einstein. Then, why don’t they accept and respect God? A miracle done by the Lord is only a demonstration of the existence of a deeper level of science or logic. Just like conservative religious followers discard other religions, conservative scientists discard the miracle as magic or illusion, because [according to them] nothing should exist beyond their level of logic. For a school student of physics, a sophisticated electronic instrument is also magic or an illusion because he cannot understand the level of science pertaining to that instrument. The uncertainty of Heisenberg should also be magic or an illusion in that case. All the great scientists believed in God, because of their lack of egoism and jealousy towards a greater concept.


Therefore, you should convince anybody only through logical and scientific analysis. That alone, can bring out the true interpretation of all the universal scriptures; any other emotional or exploitative methods can never do that. Only then invite people to participate practically in this divine mission, which alone can please the Lord. My dear devotees! I love all of you from the deepest level of My heart. I also like to wash the feet of all of you, as Jesus did on His last day. I would like to wash the feet of all of you with My tears of love and gratefulness for your faith that you have shown on Me. Never fall into the clutches of egoism. Aspiration for fame is also a partial effect of egoism. People will praise you as Gurus. Immediately pass on all the credit to God and take the defects onto you. God will be pleased with you.

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