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My father and I are one and the same. Father means the Creator who is beyond words, mind, intelligence and even imagination. This Father is called as God and has different names. Christians call Him as Jehovah. Muslims call Him as 'Allah'. Hindus call Him as 'Para Brahma'. Buddha kept silent about the God because the God is beyond words. But followers of Buddha misunderstood the silence as negation and interpreted that Buddha denied God. This God incarnates on the earth. He creates a human body and pervades all over that human body as current pervades all over the metallic wire.


Since God created His human body for incarnation, the God is called as Father and the human incarnation is called as His Son. The electric wire is Current because wherever you touch the wire it gives the shock, which is the property of current. For all the practical purposes the electric wire is the current. Similarly the human incarnation is the Creator or God. Therefore the Son is the Father. The human incarnation can be seen by us and we can talk with Him. We can touch and can live along with the Son. Thus Vision, conversation, touch, and co-living are the four fortunes given to the devotees. By any human effort God cannot be even imagined. But by infinite kindness He is not only seen but also talks, touches and lives with us. If you cannot utilize such infinite kindness of God shown to us and if you neglect the human incarnation due to your egoism and jealousy you are loosing everything forever.


Neither you attain the unattainable God nor you retain the human incarnation that approaches you. You are looser on both sides. Such human incarnations come to various parts of the earth and they are Jesus, Krishna, Mohammed, Buddha, Mahavir etc., Therefore Jesus is Jehovah. Mohammed is Allah and Krishna is Parabrahma. The Electric wire is the current. The Son and the Father are one and the same. One should not extrapolate this truth by saying since every man is His Son and so every man is the Father. If every Son is the Father there is no necessity of preaching.


God has to come in human body only to preach the human beings. But there is natural repulsion between the human beings as in the case of like charged particles due to jealousy and egoism. The crusification of the Lord Jesus is the best example of such jealousy and egoism. Holy Jesus suffered for the sins of the real believers of God only. One of the basic ideas of the human incarnation is to suffer for the sins of deserving devotees. For such purpose only the human body is selected for incarnation. The human body of the incarnation suffers like any other human body. Then only the real transfer of sins is fully justified. The incarnation can avoid the pain during suffering by using the super power of God.



But God never deceives the justice. Therefore Jesus really suffered all the punishments of deserving devotees as any other human body suffers and fulfilled the justice in the transfer of sins. This is the real reason why the God selects a human body and gets identified with it. If it is inert statue such suffering cannot take place. Though the Son is suffering on the Holy Cross, but actually the Father who pervaded all over the Son suffered. This is the essence of saying that Father and Son are one and the same. The Father does not suffer for the sins of the wicked people who will not change at all. Those who are the real devotees and those who served the Lord without aspiring anything in return are only liberated from their sins.


Such devotees never pray the Lord for the liberation from their sins because they never desire that the Lord should suffer for their sins. Therefore, they never agree for the liberation from their sins. If they come to know they will object such transfer of sins because they are the real devotees of the God. Hence the Lord suffers for their sins without any information to them. If you are not turning towards the Lord, you have to carry all your sins with you and go to hell. If you turn towards the Lord, He will liberate you from all your sins provided you change and continue your future life in His divine service. His work is to bring peace in this world and see that every human being gets the salvation. He wants the hell to be permanently closed. But you should turn towards God without aspiring for your liberation from the sins.


You must participate in His service and yet you should be ready to undergo the punishments of your sins as per the rule. You should not ask Him or even desire for such liberation from your sins. Once you desire for such liberation you are indirectly asking the Lord to suffer for your sins. In such a case you are not His real devotee. He takes your sins and liberates you when you serve Him without any aspiration for such liberation.


At Thy Lotus Feet His Holiness Sri Dattaswami


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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