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Other incarnations Ambition of every religion


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Other incarnations Ambition of every religion



The most important point is that even if I exit from the field of human incarnations along with My small number of devotees, your problem is not at all solved, because according to your interpretation of the Bible, there are only two human incarnations. One is Jesus and another is the re-incarnation of Jesus at the end. But Lord Krishna existed before Jesus and Buddha and Mohammad existed after Jesus. The followers of these three are in millions. How can you deny these three most powerful human incarnations and how can you oppose millions of their devotees? Therefore, your problem remains the same. My presence or exit in the field is really negligible. If you accept more number of human incarnations, let there be more number of human incarnations in the past, in the present and in the future. You have to throw away all the other human incarnations except Jesus. Is this possible for you? Certainly the devotees of other religions in millions and other human incarnations in thousands will stand against you. You want all the other religions to disappear and you want all the human beings on this earth to be Christians and accept only Jesus as God?

This is the ambition of every religion.



These ambitions will clash with each other and peace is crushed to pieces. No religion can achieve this ambition at any time in the future. The devotees of other religions will certainly oppose Jesus, the Bible and Christianity. This happens to every religion. I can achieve this ambition of each religion to a very large extent. One day or the other the entire world will have a Universal Religion with Universal Spirituality. One day or other the intelligence of every human being will awaken and will find the truth. On that day, every human being will not oppose any religion. Every human being will say that Jesus is also God; Krishna is also God etc. This will also be your success to a large extent. Nobody will oppose your religion. Every human being will respect and worship Jesus. I cannot fulfil your wish completely. You want every one should worship only Jesus. Through My path you can get 99% success. You cannot get even 1% success by your path.

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