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About distributing My Knowledge to everyone


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About distributing My Knowledge to everyone


Christianity is distributing the books of the Holy Bible to all the people in the world. Suppose a book has gone in to the hands of a Muslim. He believes even Mohammad to be only a human being. According to his level of realisation, a human being can get the knowledge from God and at the maximum he can become God’s messenger. A Muslim will not accept any human being as the Son of God or God Himself. He reads the Bible and finds the two statements of Jesus that He is the Son of God and God Himself. He also finds the statement of Jesus that He is the messenger of God. All the three statements are in the same book. A messenger cannot be the son and the son cannot be the father. These statements contradict each other. Now the Muslim comes to you and asks you “These three statements contradict each other. I will not accept the human being to be the Son of God or God Himself. Why have you written other two statements for me?” Then what would be your answer? You would have to say “Friend, we have sent the books to all. A Christian believes in Jesus as the Son of God. Another highly advanced Christian believes that Jesus is God (Father) Himself. These two statements are meant for those two Christian devotees. The Bible contains all the statements, which suit each of the levels of devotees. Therefore, accept whatever suits you and leave the other statements”.



Similarly when My lectures are sent to several devotees, who are at various levels, the same story repeats. I am Datta for My strong devotees. Datta is in Me for My ordinary devotees. For general human beings who are believers of God, I will say that Datta preached the divine knowledge to Me and I am His messenger. For the rest of the public who cannot even tolerate the last statement, I am just a devotee of Datta and I am just giving some scriptural knowledge, since I am a scholar in Sanskrit and philosophy. Therefore the objection raised to My lectures will equally apply to the Holy Bible also.

Krishna is teaching the Gita to Arjuna. Arjuna belongs to the level of action (Karma). In that level one should do his duty. Therefore, Krishna asked Arjuna to do his duty, which is to fight. But while preaching the Gita to Arjuna, the Lord describes Jnana (Knowledge) and Bhakti (Devotion) also. In these higher levels, even if duty is neglected one will not get sin. But these two levels do not apply to Arjuna. Since these two levels are mentioned in the Gita as topics in the subject, Arjuna should not mistake that he is in the higher levels. He has to take only the statements related to Karma Yoga.

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