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Human Incarnation is Very Rare


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Human Incarnation is Very Rare


Jesus said that beggars will always be present and that He would not always be present. If this means that Jesus will not come again as a human incarnation for the next generation, the next generation has lost that divine chance and so Jesus becomes partial and not just. Such a divine chance was also not given to the contemporary generations present in the other countries, which had no communication with Jerusalem. The same old chain of questions will bind this topic as usual. Therefore, the interpretation of this statement should be taken in the following manner: You should limit this statement of Jesus to that generation only. Jesus lived only for 32 years. He uttered this statement when He was 30 years old. This means that soon after saying this statement, He was going to leave this world and that that particular human generation would still be alive after Him. After His exit, they would have enough time to serve the beggars. However the golden chance to serve Jesus, would be with them only for one or two years. Therefore, it means that the golden chance was going to end very shortly. Such interpretation will not leave space to the entry of all the above questions. I am telling you that Jesus alone knows the correct interpretation of His own statement and He has given it through Me. You may believe this or not. I have said what I have to say.

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