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Meaning of Deha and Dehi as per Gita


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Meaning of Deha and Dehi as per Gita


120) Avaantarabhedaatito jivaatmaa dehi gitah.


(If the sub-division between Atman and Jiva is overlooked, jivaatman is treated as one entity as mentioned as dehi in Gita).

In Gita only two entities are mentioned. One is the gross body (Deha) and the other is the Jivaatman (dehi), who is the composite of jiva and atman. Atman is general awareness and jiva is specific awareness. If this sub-division is neglected, both Atman and Jiva stand as one entity only, who was referred as Dehi in Gita. In that case, there are only two bodies viz the external gross body (Deha) and the internal Jivaatman (Dehi).

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