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God is totally unimaginable


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God is totally unimaginable


129) Akaashaabhaavaat khyaatarupaabhaavaat nohyam.


(In the beginning, the space did not exist and God cannot be any known form of inert energy existing in the beginning. God is totally unimaginable).

If you say that God is also the primordial energy, which is the entity to do the special work or awareness, it is ruled out, because before the creation of space the inert energy did not exist. Hence, the only possibility of the entity to do the special work or awareness must be the unimaginable God and not the imaginable inert energy. However, if you argue that such God is also unimaginable form of inert energy, your argument has no validity because all forms of inert energy are known in the world. All the known forms of inert energy like matter etc., are available in the world as introduced in the chain of creation in sequence. Then you have to say that God must be some unknown form of inert energy. Such assumption is meaningless because in such case God becomes totally unimaginable.



Note: Suppose you think that God has pervaded all over space, then the space is existing in the creation, all over the creation space is present, then God is existing in all over the creation. If God is existing every in the creation, how the creation can become the object of entertainment to God? Suppose you are pervading all over the cinema, can the cinema become an object of entertainment for you?

In bible in the Old Testament, it is mentioned that God does not live in the creation. If God is in the space then God has to live in the creation. But Old Testament says God does not live in the creation. And in Gita also it is mentioned ‘Neti Neti. If one says God is in the space then God must be in the creation. But God is not in the creation but only enters the creation, through human form. God has entered the world temporarily, not permanently for ever. If God is pervading every where and everything then all the living being must be God? In that case there is no sinner. So pervading of space by God is ruled out.

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